Amanda, and why this blog


I first became interested in whole foods and natural remedies in the 1980’s, when I was an art student in my 20’s. A few health issues came to light: I was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy, for which I took prescription medication for about 2 years, I developed atopic eczema which I struggled with for years, and I also had a recurring thrush condition which plagued me on and off over a number of years. These were challenges which opened up my interest in the world of natural remedies and healthier eating options. In the mid-1980’s I worked at a school which encouraged meditation and vegetarianism for students and staff.

In the 1990s whilst living in London I attended a few yoga classes, and continued with these upon returning  to South Africa in 1993. For 10 years I lived in Cape Town, where I completed my yoga teacher and yoga therapy training at the Ananda Kutir Ashrama 

I registered with the Allied Health Professions Council (Ayurvedic Remedial Yoga) before moving to Johannesburg in 2003. Since that time I have favoured vegetarianism and natural health, cleaning & beauty products and for about 17 years I taught yoga and pilates to groups and individuals.

My focus on recycling and ‘anti-waste’ began when I was an art student and later a nursery school teacher in the 1980s, I learnt to be creative with yoghurt containers, egg cartons, toilet roll inners and various other otherwise disposable items. I was seeing the beauty, or at least the usefulness, in the mundane. The point is that much of our waste that we thoughtlessly throw ‘away’ (there is no such place as away) can still serve a purpose, or at the very least not end up on our ever depleting landfills.

My blog is about my efforts to live positively, and some of the simple everyday things that I do to this end. Caring about our own individual health and wellness is just one aspect of living positively. Caring equally for the health and well being of the physical world that nurtures and supports us is where true positive living and wholistic health begins.




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