Amanda van Niekerk lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, having lived previously in Cape Town for ten years. I was born in West Sussex, England, and arrived on these sunny shores as a four year old. Up till a few years back I was a full-time yoga and pilates instructor from the small sun-filled studio at my previous home. My daily focus of late is on helping to raise the garden and renovate the home that I share with my husband and two elderly fur companions: our dog and cat. I am inspired to blog about nature, green living, positive thinking, and some of the caring and creative individuals who in one way or another, help to make this world a better place.
As human Beings, we live with and within nature, sharing a world with a myriad of micro-organisms, plants and animals which live and move all around us and some even take up home in the tissues of the human body. The natural world is not separate from us, it is part of us. I believe that even though we are are not all ‘lover’s of nature’ (not everybody’s first love is gardening, hiking or even keeping pets), we should as individuals at least show respect, gratitude and awareness of the consequences of our actions in being part of the natural environment that gives us life and sustains us.

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