Amanda van Niekerk lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, having lived previously in Cape Town for ten years. I was born in West Sussex, England, and arrived on these sunny shores as a four year old. Up till a few years back I was a full-time yoga and pilates instructor from the small sunny studio at my previous home.
Since taking over a difficult house and garden (an ongoing “renovator’s dream”) in 2014, I found that I was often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the belongings that we had to fit into our new and relatively small space. Since then I have embarked on a process of decluttering my home and exploring ways to reduce my carbon footprint, such as purchasing goods that do not result in wasteful, eco-unfriendly packaging. I keep it simple by focusing on what adds value my life, including relationships, belongings and experiences, and cut back on whatever feels like too much (one can only have so many phone apps and bank accounts). I keep positive about my efforts: perfectionism is pointless, and it’s the action, the effort, that is important. 
My daily focus is generally on ‘keeping it simple and natural’ and helping to raise the garden and renovate the home that I share with my husband and two elderly fur-children: our dog and cat. I am inspired to blog about matters around green living, positive thinking, vegetarian eating, and some of the caring and creative individuals who in one way or another, help to make this world a better place.

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